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One story.Three perspectives.Three agendas. Revealing shocking truths and writhing with seductively unusual twists, RGB gallops to a shattering climax that nobody could predict

Kit N Sam

A hilarious turn of events ensue through the misadventures of Kit and Sam as they go about trying to have affairs with other men and women ... until they realize what true love is.

Soul Rain

Ronnie (Rahul Roy) is a happy family man. One day his world turns upside down, when he comes home to find his wife and child murdered. His search for his redeemer leads him to understand and realize the true meaning of life.


Wilde (Rahul Roy), is one guy, whose life revolves around these dates. He is on this killing spree until he comes across a woman whom he connects through the internet and wants to meet in real life.

As Music Composer

Lola Kitty

Lola (Seema Mishra) is an inimitably sexy girl who charms her way into the heart and house of Sandy (Ajay Balhara) a laid-back bartender, after knocking off her robber boyfriend Bhusa (Rishi Khurana).